Eu-Mercosur Trade Agreement The Agreement In Principle And Its Texts

[3] Following the adoption and publication, on 1 July 2019, of the ”agreement in principle” of 17 parties, 29 unfinished texts of chapters and annexes to the trade agreement were published in July and September, with the exclusion of liability, that they ”have been published only for information purposes and may be subject to further amendments, in particular as a result of the legal review process”. The EU is already Mercosur`s largest trade and investment partner. [1] 20.1% of the trade bloc`s exports went to the EU in 2018. [8] Mercosur exports to the EU amounted to €42.6 billion this year[8], while EU exports to Mercosur countries amounted to €45 billion. [8] Mercosur`s most important exports to EU countries are agricultural products such as food, beverages and tobacco, plant products such as soya and coffee, as well as meat and other animal products. .