Guaranty Fee Agreement

PandaTip: This Tab warranty contract is suitable for passers-by to meet your individual needs. This section of the proposal covers the names of both parties and the date of the contract. [Customer.Name] (borrowers) requested to make transactions with [Provider.Company] (creditors) and to obtain loans. However, the lender is unwilling and unable to offer credit unless the borrower has a guarantee on the credit requested. In light of the above, [Guarantor.Name] assumes responsibility for the repayment of the [Customer.Name] debt to [Provider.Company] in the event that [Customer.Name] does not repay that debt. This is a guarantee for payment and has not renounced the forfeiture of the above signature waives all rights of the latter. By signing below, all parties concerned indicate their understanding and agreement on the terms of this guarantee agreement at the time of signing. [Customer.Name] and [Guarantor.Name] agree that the undersigned may, with or without notice, reimburse the aforementioned creditors in the example that the agreed payment is not made by the borrower for all the remaining fees and credits in that account. Changes or amendments to this agreement are only accepted if they are approved in writing and by all parties. This guarantee agreement is and will remain bound as long as the laws of the state [Company.State] are effective, and all laws of that state will remain respectfully in effect for that state. This guarantee is always guaranteed and remains fully in force and effective, regardless of the interruptions of commercial relations, unless the termination is made in writing and transmitted to all parties concerned. All funds made available to the lender for the payment or reduction of the borrower`s debts can be adjusted by the lender in this way and with respect to the amounts and periods or periods that the lender may choose to pay or reduce the borrower`s debts, and the obligations arising from this guarantee contract are not guaranteed by transferring or unlocking other guarantees for each game.