How Do I Cancel A Car Purchase Agreement

I recently put a deposit on a used car at local dealerships. Shortly before, during the test trip, I noticed an unusual noise under the car. I asked the seller about it and he said they were aware of it and that the noise was caused by faulty wheel bearings (and, to be fair, it looked like it might be the cause). He also said they would fix it before I picked up the car, which is fine with me. I signed the proof of deposit which contained a clause stating that the deposit is non-refundable and that I am also responsible for all expenses incurred by the dealer to prepare my car for sale if I change my mind. I really liked the car and didn`t take care of the bearings, but the next day the dealer called me to say that during the inspection they found out that the noise was caused by faulty bearings in the gearbox and not in the wheel. When I tried to withdraw, he told me they were going to fix it and give me a guarantee on the work. I said ”good”, but now I doubt I should really buy this car. Am I correct in thinking that I have the right to revoke the contract and get a full refund of the deposit, based on the fact that I have received false/inaccurate information about the condition of the car? Well, there is a ”small” difference between the faulty wheel and a faulty transmission. If he had told me that it was the gear that was making the noise when I first inquired about it, I would never have agreed to buy this car. In addition, I plan to take this car to the self-diagnosis center for a test before making a final decision. Would you say that it is reasonable to expect the merchant to consent to this, given the circumstances? I would be very grateful for your opinion. Thank you very much.

Hi, Stuart. Excellent article and some really useful tips. Highly recommended reading BEFORE buying a car and I wish I had found this page earlier! I have a deposit of £1,000 per credit card on a used car 150 miles from an authorised dealer. So the paper was signed. All businesses with the retailer that are done by phone. Part of the big financial activity was removing a color sealant (which I don`t usually buy) as part of a kickback. .