Simple Storage Rental Agreement

5. AVOID FEES AND LOCKOUT BY PAYING ON TIME. If the tenant has an outstanding balance after 5 days from the due date, Cannon Self Storage may deny the tenant access to the premises. As Cannon Self Storage may incur additional charges if the tenant does not comply with their agreement, Cannon Self Storage may charge additional rent (late fees). The tenant has read the list of late charges and the addition ”Storage Rules After” to this rental agreement. Late fees are subject to change without notice. The tenant may only use the storage unit for storage purposes and may not store live animals or perishable goods on the premises. 11. UNIT CONDITION. The tenant has reviewed the storage unit and agrees that the storage unit is satisfactory for all purposes, including the security, security and size for which the tenant will use it.

The tenant agrees to use the storage unit only to store goods entirely owned by the tenant. Many storage unit owners opt to create a limited liability company (LLC) to protect their personal assets and liabilities. While you could form a C-Corp or S-Corp, LLCs are the most chosen unit because it`s easy, even if you`re a small business or a single person. If your business is an LLC, it`s harder for creditors to jeopardize your personal wealth for commercial debt or liability. 13. Cannon Self Storage IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PERSONAL INJURY. Cannon Self Storage, its representatives and collaborators are not liable to the Tenant for any injury or death of the Tenant as a result of the Tenant`s use of the Storage Unit or self-storage facility, even if such breach is due to active or passive acts or omissions or negligence of Cannon Self Storage, its representatives or staff. 21. ATTORNEY`S FEES. In the event of any dispute arising out of this Agreement or the use of storage facilities owned by Cannon Self Storage, The Tenant agrees to reimburse Cannon Self Storage for all costs related to such dispute, including reasonable attorneys` fees. .

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