Tai Tarian Tenancy Agreement

This agreement defines what you can expect from Tai Tarian and also tells you what your rights and obligations as a tenant are. Your rental agreement defines them in detail and these are summarized below: Send a photo to community@taitarian.co.uk before December 14th and you could be a winner, if you move into your home, sign a rental agreement. This site also provides you with details about some of the properties that can now be rented, information about things you might have to consider, such as different types of rentals and likely demand for certain areas within Neath Port Talbot. You will have passed it on before you even know you are sick. Now, just one year after its launch, the project has led another employee to secure a full-time job – a total of five. Grzegorz Michalski was one of the first recruits to be picked up by the Copper Foundation last summer. After impressing during his year with Tai Tarian, Afan Valley`s single father secured a full-time role in ASW Property Services, a local company specializing in property repair, maintenance and management. Dr Reid said, “We are in a critical phase. Infection rates are at record levels and we all need to help control this situation quickly.

ASW Property Service supports South Wales` offering program to help tenants find the first five full-time employees. Gifts are distributed to 74 young caregivers in Neath Port Talbot, who do an excellent job of caring for family members at home. This is a great initiative of a number of local organizations to spread a little festive cheers. Take a look at their page and find out what`s going on this Christmas. From Wednesday, December 9, emergency repairs will be halted, but emergency repairs, annual safety checks (e.g. B gas boiler controls) and work outside the properties will continue as usual. We have launched our Tenant Charter – our commitment to you, to let you know what we are doing and to work with you when we can. After careful consideration, we have decided to suspend emergency repairs to our tenants` homes until the new year.

First of all, a big thank you to Asw Scaffolding for donating scaffolding boards, wood, membrane and a gift certificate for plants to the Veterans` Field in Baglan. Veterans, many of whom suffer from PTSD, use the allowance as a safe space to relax and make contacts. Some have reduced mobility and scaffolding boards are used to make accessible elevated planting bins. “This means that the five Copper Foundation employees who have completed their one-year training with us have been able to get a new job. Michalski said, “I learned so much during my year at the Copper Foundation, including the carpentry and fencing arts – I am very grateful to Tai Tarian for giving me the opportunity to gain this experience, and I look forward to using these skills in my new role.” If you have any questions about your rights and obligations, please contact your Tenants Association representative.