Vectren Net Metering Agreement

A controversial law, sought after by investor-owned public distribution companies, was signed in 2017 by Gov. Eric Holcomb, which ended the 30-year net measure. July 1, 2022 has been set as the date on which state distribution companies will stop offering Net Metering for solar energy installation. Customers who had installed solar before the end of 2017 were included for 30 years in Net Metering`s retail rates. All Net Metering will disappear under the legislation in force in 2047. Proponents of net metering say it would make it harder for customers hoping to install solar energy in homes, businesses and schools to offset the costs and justify the investment. Congressman Ron Bacon (R-Chandler), Bacon, who has had solar power since 2015, said the billing change won`t affect him because it has been included in his net metering contract in the next 30 years since he already installed his solar modules. @Edward Dijeau: Their net measuring point and PG&E and many other electricity suppliers throughout the country is the half-truth they cling to, which creates quarrels between neighbors who would all have photovoltaic panels on their roofs if the public`s argument were not imposed by the commercial practices of the distribution company. Cases of ”loss of revenue” are allowed by the CPUC when companies like PG&E lose revenue because they don`t sell as much electricity as they used to. Wait until Diablo Canyon is closed in a few years and you`ll see what I mean. Starting in 2022, the law ends the net measure of new solar power installations and allows supply companies to pursue an earlier termination of credit agreements through a process called ”decentralized generation rate surplus” once certain conditions are met.

Below is a compilation of links to the rules and applications of interconnection and net-metering of distribution companies. Utilities with net-metering active queues are called ”ACTIVE QUEUE” next to the website link. Vectren Energy Delivery`s 50 MW solar project in Spencer County is expected to launch online in 2020. A settlement agreement between the OUCC, the Citizens Action Coalition and Vectren has obtained authorization from the IURC at Cause No. 45086.