Which Of The Following Statements Is True About A Franchise Agreement

(f) In Column 6, indicate the total number of non-renewals in each state in each fiscal year. For the purposes of this section, a “non-renewal” applies if the franchise agreement of a franchised outlet is not renewed at the end of its life. We do not provide any assurance about a franchisee`s future financial performance or the financial performance of its own businesses or franchises. We also do not allow our employees or representatives to make such assurances orally or in writing. However, if you buy an existing outlet, we can provide you with the actual records of that point of sale. If you receive further information about financial performance or future income forecasts, you should report it to franchisor management by contacting [name, address and telephone number], the Federal Trade Commission and the relevant regulatory authorities. one. The franchisor`s name and main address All parents and all related companies that offer franchises in all industries or offer products or services to franchisor franchisees. (d) Who can take training and who needs training? Please indicate whether the franchisee or anyone else should complete the program to the satisfaction of the franchisor. If a successful conclusion is required, indicate the length of the training to be completed after the contract is signed or before the company opens. If training is not mandatory, indicate the percentage of new franchisees who have signed up for the training program in the past 12 months. (5) That the franchisor`s obligation be conditional on the franchisee altering or suspending the use of the object covered by the patent or copyright. This right of termination within the “cooling” period applies only to new franchise agreements and not to renewals, deferrals or renewals of an existing franchise agreement.

B. To the extent that the public figure participates in the management or control of the franchisor. Describe the position and obligations of public officials in the franchisor`s business structure. E. There may also be franchising laws in your state. Ask your authorities. (d) whether the franchisor must spend an amount on advertising in the territory or territory where the franchisee is located. (1) The nature of the patent, patent application or copyright and its relationship to the franchise. H. Specify, as far as possible, the name, address, telephone number, email address and website address (if known) to any specific franchise organization linked to the franchise system, openly if such an organization: d. If the trademark is not on the U.S.

Patent and Trademark Office`s main registry, you say, “We do not have a federal registration for our main brand. Therefore, our trademark does not have many legal benefits and rights as a federal trademark. If our right to use the trademark is called into question, you may need to switch to another brand, which may increase your costs. “f. If a franchisor sells a franchise-outlet owned to date and is now under its control, you announce the following additional information for that outlet for the last five years of practice. This information may be attached in addition to a publication document or, if the disclosure has already taken place, in addition to the disclosure document presented above. E. When a franchisor provides financial performance information in accordance with this section, the franchisor may provide a potential franchisee with a complementary presentation of the financial benefit on a particular site or change, with the exception of the disclosure document. Additional representation is mandatory: (1) Column 1 must indicate any state in which one or more franchise or business outlets are located or are likely to be installed.