Xerox Lease Agreement

Let`s take a look at some of the challenges you face when dealing with a photocopier lease. The copier you have rented may not perform its advertised functions. Check to see if the lease includes certain performance guarantees that are not met. If this is the case, the photocopier rental company may be in breach of contract. However, performance clauses are usually included in the photocopier service contract. Duration of the lease. This is the period you have agreed to use and pay for the copier. Leases can extend from 24 to 60 months, but are usually three to five years. Longer leases mean lower monthly payments, but are generally more expensive.

If you expect high volume usage, you may not want a 5-year term because your computer can be that long, forthcoming. Your dealer should advise you on the duration of the lease based on the volume, type and brand of the equipment. The pre-signing of a photocopier lease may or may not have its own consequences. Consider all possible criteria and then decide on a solution, based on what you think is best for the future of your business. To legally break the lease, you must inform the leasing company of your intention and provide your supporting documents. It is also advisable to keep records of all communications from the leasing company, changes to the agreement or other official measures. This will help support your case if other complications occur. For a more in-depth look at the copier rental process, check out our free guide: The Beginner`s Guide to Renting an Office Copier. If you`re unsure of the terms of a lease, you can ask a lawyer to review your lease and let you know about your legal options. Legal fees don`t make it the most economical course of action, but it can potentially save you a lot of trouble. Automatic renewals – An automatic renewal clause will most likely be included in your contract. This protects the service provider from losing someone`s business in the blink of an eye.

Traditionally, you (the customer) must provide a letter of intent to terminate the service 30 to 90 days before the end of your contract. Early Cancellation Fee – Many resellers and photocopier manufacturers will set penalties in their contracts for early termination or violation of their policies regarding the termination process. Some will only impose penalties if you violate their letter of intent policies, and others will have you terminate your entire contract, even if you change providers. This article deals primarily with how to terminate the photocopier lease with the leasing company, not the photocopier service contract with the dealer. Gross negligence should be more extreme, such as the supplier who does not maintain the equipment at all and never goes out to repair your machine. Make sure you understand how often your photocopier needs to be serviced and whether your agreement is right for your equipment. Otherwise, you may expose yourself to prolonged downtime without recourse. If you are trying to get out of a photocopier service contract, this type of contract will present the most problems for you. However, it is a good option if you are satisfied with your provider and want to facilitate your administration.

The Company is required by law to pay instalments to the leasing company for the entire duration of the copier`s lease, and the conditions required to terminate the contract are strictly defined. This means that photocopier leases are not particularly easy to overcome. Some leases have clauses that require written notice if you do not wish to renew a lease. .